David’s Tea @ Queen/Spadina

This is the first tea shop I’ve visited.  After blabbing on Twitter about how nice it is to eat chili chocolate while sipping chocolate chai, I got a response saying that I absolutely had to try the Chocolate Chili Chai at David’s Tea.  So I obliged.  I decided to go to the location at Queen/Spadina.  The woman who helped me was extremely patient and understanding.  I told her that I was new to loose leaf teas and she helped me figure out what sort of teas I might like.  After sniffing about 15 tins of tea, I finally settled on four.  She gave me a bunch of little tips and hints along the way: certain teas are really good on the second steep, etc.  And she knew her teas!  At one point she said, “If you smell something and want a tea that’s a little sweeter, a little spicier, whatever, just let me know.  I’m sure we have something like it”.  Amazing.  I left with an empty wallet and arms full of tea.

The second time I went in to visit David’s Tea, it was for Free Tea Day!  The gentleman behind the counter was again, extremely helpful.  But more importantly, completely honest.  When I complained about my pincer being finicky, he told me that pincers aren’t really the best choice for steeping.  He gave me a refund and tossed in a complimentary pincer, saying, “But if it breaks again, just don’t bring it back”.  I bought some Glitter and Gold for myself (suggested by a friend) but was on the border for Fantasy Island.  So he threw in about 10 grams of Fantasy Island free-of-charge, saying that if I like it, I could buy some next time ‘round.  He’s a smart man, because guess what? Fantasy Island is now my new favourite.  Definitely buying a tin of it this week!

Side note: I’ve spoken to a couple of tea lovers who frequent other David’s Tea locations in Toronto… It seems that amazing customer service is standard across the board!

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2 thoughts on “David’s Tea @ Queen/Spadina

  1. CJ says:

    im glad to see you getting into tea! We should have a tea night! Y’know, when we see each other…in ten years…

    • exploringtea says:

      Thanks CJ! I’m loving tea. Bought some loose leaf teas from Teaopia today, can’t wait to give ’em a go. And yes, we should definitely have a tea night soon, let’s schedule something. I’ll text you!

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