David’s Tea on Twitter

Like many young adults, I’m on Twitter.  As a business student and furthermore, as a business student taking a course on social media, I notice the little things.  David’s Tea has a very well-monitored Twitter account (@DAVIDsTEA).  When I first spoke about my David’s Tea experience, I received a tweet asking how it went.  What I bought, what my experience was like, etc.  Since then, I’ve been tweeting them regularly and getting responses within a day, every time.  Impressive.  I told them about my great experience at the Queen/Spadina location, asked if they would refund my broken pincer and even asked for tea tips.  Which teas are best for steeping twice?  Do you actually suggest eating the mulberries after steeping?  etc. (FYI – yes, you should definitely eat the mulberries in teas like Organic Caramel Spice.  They are delicious).  And they even tweeted about my blog!  Super cool.

So if you’re on Twitter, I highly suggest following @DAVIDsTEA.  Especially if you’re already buying their teas anyway!  They’ll answer any questions you have about tea in general, or David’s Tea in particular.  I’ve found them to be incredibly helpful thus far.

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