Ice Cream Cake

A couple of weeks ago, I picked up David’s Tea’s new cake teas.  I love cake and I love tea so I figured a combination of the two would be amazing… And I was right!  So here’s the lowdown on the first one, Ice Cream Cake.

The details:

Type: Black

Bought at: David’s Tea

Description: Does life get any better than chocolate cake?  Well… what about chocolate ice cream cake? It’s basically the king of desserts – rich, sweet and creamy.  And with this decadent black tea blend, your favourite indulgence is just a sip away.

What I think:

Something about the way this dry tea smells throws me off a little.  It’s sweet, but there’s a hint of something that almost smells like alcohol.  I’m not entirely certain what it’s from, but it might be the stevia (which by the way, is a family of herbs that is often used as a sugar substitute, so yes – this tea is naturally sweet).  But I have to say, the dry tea looks like an ice cream cake, complete with sprinkles and all.

Once steeped, the smell dies down to a light, sweet vanilla scent.  Although I think the sprinkles and freeze-dried ice cream are an innovative addition, they leave a residue on the surface of the tea.  Not a big deal to me, but it might turn some people off.

This tea really does taste like liquid ice cream.  Obviously not as sweet, but the major flavours are all there.  I would compare it most closely to Neapolitan ice cream!  The tea is very creamy, as promised.  And although I never drink milk in my tea, I’ll add some to see what the effect is.  It seems appropriate, given that it’s an ice cream tea…  Note: I am lactose intolerant, so I am taking a huge risk here.

Oh my.  With milk, this tea is even better, phenomenal even.  Creamier, but still just as sweet.  I feel like I just took a big bite out of a delicious dessert.  Awesome.

Although the dry smell and the way the steeped tea looks are unwelcome surprises, the taste is creamy, rich and just sweet enough for my taste buds.  With milk, it’s a goldmine of deliciousness.

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