Chocolate Cake

This is the third and final cake tea from David’s Tea.  A little different from the other two because it doesn’t have freeze-dried ice cream in it!

The details:

Type: Black

Bought at: David’s Tea

Description: There’s not much you can count on in this topsy-turvy world, but one thing we’re sure of is chocolate cake.  No matter who you are, a big slice of cake is pretty much guaranteed to make you happy.  We call it the Sweet Life Theory: life just isn’t as sweet without chocolate.  And this cocoa and cake-scented tea is just as rich and chocolaty as the real thing.

What I think:

As far as smells go, this tea is a winner.  The dry tea smells so rich and chocolaty; it’s perfect.  This tea has everything from cocoa to roasted carob to white chocolate.  And of course, what would a cake tea be without sprinkles?  There are loads of white candy sprinkles!

I’ve noticed that this tea has an oily residue on the surface.  If you let it cool down for too long, the residue becomes even more prominent.  Regardless, the tea smells great.  Smelling the steeped tea honestly has me convinced that I’m about to indulge in a delicious hot chocolate.  This would be great in the winter!

Maybe it’s because I was hoping for a hot chocolate taste, or maybe because I love rich chocolates, but this tea is a little weak for my liking.  The smell has you expecting an explosion of chocolate, but I’m tasting more of a watered-down chocolate.  That aside, it definitely does remind me of chocolate cake batter.  But unfortunately, this tea is more woody and bitter than the other two cake teas.

The tea is plenty creamy without milk, but I’ll add some just to see what happens… And what a great decision that was!  The milk makes the tea creamier, brings out some of the chocolate and in my opinion, makes it taste more like the hot chocolate I was hoping for.

So although this tea has a rich smell that promises a deep, chocolate taste, it ends up tasting a bit watered-down.  Milk improves the situation a bit, but I still think this is my least favourite of the three cake teas from David’s Tea.

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