David’s Tea Pincer

Bad news.  This pincer leaves much to be desired.  Now, since I’m new to tea I can’t comment on this too much.  Maybe all pincers are terrible?  Maybe that’s why I only had to pay $5 for it?  One of the employees at David’s Tea told me that pincers aren’t really all that great in general.  So maybe I’ll just steer clear from now.

Regardless, I’m unhappy with the David’s Tea pincer.  A screw fell out on my second day of using it and needless to say, rendered it useless.  I got it refunded and got a replacement for free, so thank you David’s Tea.  Although my second pincer hasn’t broken yet, a bit of tea does escape if I’m steeping a finer tea.  Luckily, I mostly drink black teas so it hasn’t proven to be much of a problem.

If you’re the type of person who enjoys fine rooibos teas or something of that sort, a pincer might not be the best method of infusion.  But I will admit, it’s a cheap and easy starting point for those of us who are just learning how to steep loose teas.

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One thought on “David’s Tea Pincer

  1. laratboulos says:

    In my experience, all tea mesh balls and pincers are flimsy and break apart. Plus, they’re designed for black teas, so you can’t use them for fine teas like rooibos or full leaf teas like oolong. They’re just not versatile or durable enough if you’re a major tea drinker!

    Thankfully there are lots of other — much better — steeping options out there. Good luck!

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