Organic Caramel Spice

This tea introduced me to the lovely world of mulberries, which has now become an obsession in and of itself.

The details:

Type: Black

Bought at: David’s Tea

Description: Have you heard about the new tea in town?  She’s a looker alright: dark, robust, and seductive, with a heart of gold.  And you didn’t hear it from us, but she’s even better with a little booze.  She’s a luscious black tea, with deep caramel flavour from dried golden mulberries and spicy warmth from orange peel and cinnamon.

What I think:

This is another autumn tea from David’s Tea.  The dry tea smells amazing.  You can smell the orange peel, but it’s not a purely fruity smell, probably because of the Saigon cinnamon.  Once steeped, the first thing I do, before even touching my drink, is pick out the mulberries from the steeped tea.  Unconventional, maybe.  But they are so delicious that throwing them out would be a sin.  I had never tasted mulberries before picking them out of this tea, and now I’m hooked.  They aren’t tart like a lot of other berries, and they soak up the tea so they’re just about bursting with flavour.

But I digress, the tea is now steeped.  It still smells just as sweet, and is a very dark, but clear brown.  Unfortunately, I find it to be lacking a little in flavour.  After taking a sip, I taste a bit of orange and mulberry on the back of my tongue, and hints of mulberry and cinnamon definitely linger.  Regardless, it isn’t as full a flavour as I had hoped, and I couldn’t taste caramel at all.

I’m trying to decrease my use of sugar and honey in tea, but I’ll sweeten this a little.  It makes a bit of a difference, the tea tastes a little fuller now.  I can actually taste the cinnamon before I’ve swallowed the tea, but the aftertaste isn’t ideal.  The mulberries are already naturally sweet and I find that the sugar makes it all a little overpowering.

I’m not sure if I’ll buy this tea again.  As far as scent goes, it’s definitely at the top of my list.  And the mulberries are a huge plus.  But the tea is lacking taste without sweetener, and gets overpowered with sweetener.  Unfortunate, since I really do love mulberries.

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