Perfect Pear

This is one of the five new summer teas that David’s Tea recently released.  Obviously, I picked them all up – more reviews to come, very soon!

The details:

Type: Herbal

Bought at: David’s Tea

Description: This summer, we decided to make the best iced tea ever.  It had to be sweet and fruity, but a little bit tart.  Familiar, yet unexpected.  Delicious on its own, or with a splash of gin and a mint spring.  In a word, perfect.  And after searching high and low, we found a tea that fits the bill.  A bright, flavourful blend of pear and apple with a hint of vanilla, it’ll quench your thirst but leave you wanting more.  As if summer wasn’t already perfect enough…

What I think:

The dry tea smells exactly the way I hoped it would… Rich and sweet, like the perfect pear.  The dry mix is chunky and heavy, so you don’t really get much bang for your buck with this tea.  Twenty grams only gave me 2 – 3 cups worth.

The steeped tea has a very, very weak pear smell.  The tea steeps to a lovely light yellow, but little bits and pieces sneak through even the finest infuser and end up at the bottom of my cup.

At first sip, the tea is tart.  But with a few more sips, I’m able to hone in on the aftertaste – a lingering, true apple pear combination.  I’m not really tasting nor smelling the vanilla beans that are included in the ingredients.  The tea is fruity but sharp, true to the description…  And a touch of sugar makes a world of difference.  The tartness tones down, and it lets me focus on the part I like most – the fruity taste!

When iced (with sugar), the tea reminds me of Vitamin Water, oddly enough.  Light and refreshing, mildly sweet.  Additionally, I can finally taste the vanilla! Mission accomplished.

I have to be honest and say that this tea probably won’t be a repeat buy.  It’s definitely best when served iced with sugar, but it still doesn’t compete with some of the other iced varieties I’ve tried.  It’s a touch too tart for my liking, like a mixture of pear with granny smith apples.

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