Just so you know, this is hands down my favourite summer tea.

The details:

Type: Herbal

Bought at: David’s Tea

Description: So you want to go somewhere really exotic this summer.  A place where the sun is shining and the drinks are plentiful.  Where the sands are white, the water is clear and the sky is blue.  No problem.  Just ice yourself a cup of this herbal blend.  Not only does it taste just like a pina colada, it makes you feel as happy as one too.

What I think:

This tea is as close as you can get to pina colada.  The smell is bang on, with heavy pineapple and coconut scents.  Chock full of dried fruit, the dry tea is fairly chunky in consistency.

The tea steeps to a lovely light yet bright yellow, but the smell decreases in intensity.  As far as taste goes, it’s spot on.  It’s like a light pina colada: sweet enough without being overpowering.  Once I’ve finished the cup, the taste of coconut remains.  And although it’s delicious hot, it’s incredible cold…

I don’t have any rum in the house right now, but if I did I would definitely throw some into the iced tea.  This tea would definitely make a great base for a cold, alcoholic pina colada. Maybe throw in some coconut milk to give it that creamy texture?  Perfection.

As my little intro note says, this is my favourite summer tea from David’s Tea.  It’s a real, true pineapple/coconut flavour, no silly substitutes.  It’s great hot, it’s great cold, and I’m sure it would be best alcoholic.  But that’s just my opinion…  Now excuse me while I tan in my backyard with this delicious tea in hand.

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