Pink Flamingo

I’ve been drinking this tea since day one, so it’s a shame I didn’t get around to writing about it earlier.  Now that I’m at the end of my tin, I think it’s time to talk.

The details:

Type: Herbal

Bought at: David’s Tea

Description: Try this sweet, citrusy cocktail of oranges, tangerines and lemongrass.  It’s got hibiscus and beetroot to turn it a natural shade of hot pink, plus blackberry leaves for a sunny burst of Vitamin C, apple and carrot for extra sweetness, and eucalyptus leaves for kick.

What I think:

This is a very, very fruity tea from David’s Tea.  Dry, it smells amazing.  Very strong lemon and orange scents with a hint of something very different – my guess is the eucalyptus.  As the tea’s steeping, it goes from a light, lovely pink to a deeper, richer almost-red pink (hence the name).  Steeped, it smells incredible: a very light, sweet citrus scent.  It’s important to mention that the leaves and grass in this tea are very pesky.  Without a very fine infuser, you’ll end up with bits of green floating around your mug.

This tea is pretty delicious!  A great replacement for a summer juice, since it tastes very much like a light, unsweetened lemonade.  After taking a sip, the zest stays on the back of my tongue, a little sour.  It’s a very flavourful tea, and I usually steep it for the maximum suggested time to get everything I can out of those dried fruits!  I definitely prefer this tea with a little sugar or honey though.  It becomes a little less sour, while still maintaining its strong citrus taste.

If citrus is your thing, then this tea is great.  More specifically, if lemon is your thing.  Personally, the sour notes in this tea are a little much for me, so I don’t think I’ll be refilling my tea tin anytime soon.

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