Organic Banana Dream Pie

Be warned: I love the taste of fake bananas and hate the taste of real ones.

The details:

Type: Black

Bought at: David’s Tea

Description: When it comes to dreaming up new teas, sometimes inspiration just randomly strikes.  It usually happens in the middle of a really great dessert.  So you can probably imagine how this decadent flavour came to be.  We’ll give you a hint: it involved a chocolate banana cream pie.  We tried out dozens of blends before we found the perfect one – a rich chocolaty black tea blend with pieces of ripe banana and creamy white chocolate.  It tastes like a dream come true.

What I think:

One thing’s for sure.  This tea smells like a dream come true.  If it smelled any more like a chocolate banana cream pie, I’d be tempted to eat the tea leaves.  Seriously.  The tea is filled with generous chunks of banana, cocoa and white chocolate.

The tea steeps to a dark orange, with an oily layer on top (due to the chocolate, probably).  Even steeped it smells great, although it’s more chocolate and less banana at this point.  As soon as you take a sip, the chocolate hits your tongue, and the banana lingers in the aftertaste.  Thankfully, it’s a candied banana flavour – my favourite.

Milk and sugar make this tea even better.  But if you’re adding sugar, I feel that just a sprinkle doesn’t work with this one like it does with other teas.  I threw in twice the amount I usually do (which is still only half a teaspoon).  The creaminess of the milk turns this tea into a decadent dessert!

This tea is also incredible chilled!  I suggest trying it alcoholic if that’s your thing – I could see it being delicious with a splash of Bailey’s.

This tea is decadent.  I’m in chocolate banana heaven, and I’m not even that fond of bananas.  I suggest steeping this tea for less than the max 7 minutes (as it can get a little bitter), and in my opinion, it’s best with milk & sugar!  This isn’t one of my favourite teas, but it definitely does what it set out to do – imitate a chocolate banana cream pie.

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