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I love tea.

Welcome to my blog, ExploringTea.  And thank you for joining me on this journey!  Simply by creating a blog about tea, I’ve probably made it evident that I am obsessed.  I love tea.  And I love blogging.  So naturally, I thought I should put the two together.

My tea addiction started about a month ago.  On my period, moody and dealing with unbearable cramps, I decided to grab a tea from Starbucks.  Now, I had never been a huge fan of teas.  I would drink them when sick, but that was that.  I drank coffee occasionally, but even that wasn’t a regular thing.  Anyway, I asked the barista for a chamomile (one of the few teas I knew of), and she gave me a Zen Calm.  When I received the full-leaf teabag, I was left speechless.  It was so beautiful to see entire leaves in my tea.  And when I tried the tea, I was beyond impressed.  But although this experience was wonderful, I still wasn’t ready to become a full-fledged tea lover.  That is, until I visited my boyfriend’s place a couple of days later.  I was watching Batman when his mother asked if I wanted a cup of tea.  Eager to please, I said yes.  Then she started listing teas.  On and on and on.  I settled on a chocolate chai (the thought of chocolate tea absolutely blew my mind).  Needless to say, it was nothing short of amazing.  That was the defining moment.  That’s when I fell in love with tea.

Since then, I’ve been introduced to David’s Tea, proper steeping techniques and loads of tea websites that ship from the other side of the world.  I’ve tried a couple of teas but there are still so many to taste.

About a week ago my boyfriend suggested I start a blog.  He knew that my love for tea had become an obsession and knew that I enjoyed writing.  So he said, why not combine the two?  This blog will be about exploration.  As a beginner when it comes to teas, I’ll be learning along the way.  I expect to write not only about teas and tea accessories, but about locales and brands as well as sites and books.  I hope to learn as much from my readers as they do from me.

Thanks for joining me on this journey. I can’t wait to start learning, drinking and blogging about tea!

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