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Organic Gold Rush

This tea had mulberries in it. MULBERRIES.  I love mulberries.

The details:

Type: White

Bought at: David’s Tea

Description: Mulberries are a pretty precious fruit, so you don’t find them in tea very often.  After all, mulberry trees are usually reserved for silk making, as they’re the only thing silkworms will eat.  No wonder – they’re naturally sweet and rich, with an almost caramel-like flavour.  In a word, decadent.  Here we pair golden mulberries with creamy coconut and delicate white tea, for a tea that’s guaranteed to give you gold fever.  Eureeka!

What I think:

This tea smells, in a word, perfect.  The mulberries provide a rich, caramel-like scent while the coconuts remind me of pina coladas and tropical vacations.  The combination is overwhelming.

Once steeped, the first thing I do is pick out the decadent mulberries.  I wish I had something to accurately compare them to.  They are easily the yummiest berries I’ve ever eaten, especially when infused with white tea and coconut.  They are juicy and bursting with sweetness.  Taking a look at the actual tea, it steeps to a beautiful yellow-orange.  The scent dwindles down to a warm creme caramel-like fragrance.

At first sip, the tea is very light and coconut dominates the taste.  The mulberries add the perfect hint of sugar and come in strong at the end with a honey, caramel, dessert-like sweetness.  I really like that these flavours are layered over top of the light white silver needle base.  I just so happen to be drinking this tea with my younger brother, who is very new to teas and finds them kind of “plain”.  So let’s add some brown sugar.  In my opinion, it’s a bit unnecessary.  The tea is plenty sweet on its own and adding sugar just makes it sweeter without really enhancing any of the flavours…  And even my brother agrees that the sugar isn’t a good addition!

Just a note, this tea is just as wonderful chilled as it is warm.  Actually, probably more wonderful!

This tea is one of my favourites!  If you love rich, sweet teas, this is it.  With this tea, you not only get a flavourful drink, but a little snack as well.  Believe me, mulberries will change your life… Looks like I’ll be ordering a tin of this stuff!

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Just so you know, this is hands down my favourite summer tea.

The details:

Type: Herbal

Bought at: David’s Tea

Description: So you want to go somewhere really exotic this summer.  A place where the sun is shining and the drinks are plentiful.  Where the sands are white, the water is clear and the sky is blue.  No problem.  Just ice yourself a cup of this herbal blend.  Not only does it taste just like a pina colada, it makes you feel as happy as one too.

What I think:

This tea is as close as you can get to pina colada.  The smell is bang on, with heavy pineapple and coconut scents.  Chock full of dried fruit, the dry tea is fairly chunky in consistency.

The tea steeps to a lovely light yet bright yellow, but the smell decreases in intensity.  As far as taste goes, it’s spot on.  It’s like a light pina colada: sweet enough without being overpowering.  Once I’ve finished the cup, the taste of coconut remains.  And although it’s delicious hot, it’s incredible cold…

I don’t have any rum in the house right now, but if I did I would definitely throw some into the iced tea.  This tea would definitely make a great base for a cold, alcoholic pina colada. Maybe throw in some coconut milk to give it that creamy texture?  Perfection.

As my little intro note says, this is my favourite summer tea from David’s Tea.  It’s a real, true pineapple/coconut flavour, no silly substitutes.  It’s great hot, it’s great cold, and I’m sure it would be best alcoholic.  But that’s just my opinion…  Now excuse me while I tan in my backyard with this delicious tea in hand.

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Fantasy Island

I know it’s been ages since I last blogged.  I apologize.  School hit me hard, that’s all.  But I’m back!  Without further ado, another tea I know and love: Fantasy Island.

The details:

Type: Black

Bought at: David’s Tea

Description: It’s spring again, time to fall in love.  So start steeping this tea.  Let the black leaves unfurl, the coconut swirl and the heady scent of raspberry sweep you away.  You’ll find yourself on a magical island where the sun always shines except, of course, when the moonlight is reflected on the soft waves and some fabulous admirer is whispering in your ear.  Then try it iced.  It’s even better.

What I think:

Yet again, I’ve found myself sniffing teas.  This one’s amazing.  A heavy dose of coconut and a touch of raspberry make for a smooth scent that really does make me feel like I’m on an island: just as David’s Tea promised.

Without sweetener, this tea is a tad bitter.  I steeped it for the max time: 6 minutes, so I’ll probably just steep for 4 minutes next time.  The raspberry is dominated by the other ingredients, so much so that I can barely tell it’s there.  But the coconut still finds its way out.  It’s as good as coconut gets: smooth, strong, lingering on your tongue…  But since I’m finding the tea a little bitter, I’ll add honey.  Although it’s sweeter, I feel like the honey actually distracts from the coconut, which is a shame.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with this tea.  I love coconut, so that’s probably a huge reason why.  Next time, I’ll be sure to cut my steeping time.  And I’ll be sure to try this iced, I’ve heard it’s delicious!

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