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Pom Power

Pom Power makes me think of The Powerpuff Girls, so I guess I’m already sold.

The details:

Type: White

Bought at: David’s Tea

Description: Need help getting through the daily grind?  Try pomegranates. Doctors have used them for thousands of years to heal just about everything.  Warriors in ancient Persia ate them before combat for strength.  But we love them because they taste amazing.  With tart pomegranate seeds, hibiscus blossoms, and white Silver Needles, this fresh and fruity tea will help you face any of life’s little battles.

What I think:

This dry tea smells nothing short of amazing.  The sweet and tangy mixture of pomegranate and hibiscus create a very girly perfume-like aroma.  Incredible.  The dry tea looks exactly like one would expect – Silver Needles and pomegranate seeds!

Once steeped, the tea turns a deep, rich pink.  This is definitely one of the prettiest and best-smelling teas I’ve tried so far!  Even steeped, the sweet scent is prominent.

I can taste the tart pomegranate, but unfortunately there’s a bit of a bitter aftertaste.  I also find that the tea’s not very sweet, so I decided to add a little brown sugar… It definitely helps bring out the pomegranate!  I still find that my tea’s a little bitter, so I suggest you steep for less than the max five minutes and be really careful about the 94°C suggested steeping temperature – don’t go above it!

This is another tea that I think would be nice iced!  The fruity flavours would make for a nice poolside drink. *sigh*  Now I’m wishing it was summer…

This tea probably won’t be a repeat buy.  It’s a little too tart for my liking, a touch bitter and not quite sweet enough naturally.  If you do decide to make this tea, be really careful with the steeping time and temperature!  And don’t forget to try it iced!

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