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Sweet Love

This is my first time writing about a tea that isn’t from David’s Tea… Brace yourselves.

The details:

Type: Black

Bought at: The Detox Market; Brand: Kusmi Tea

Description: Subtle and spicy blend that combines black tea, liquorice root, guarana seed, pink peppercorn, and various spices.  Sweet Love is an invitation to reawaken your senses.  Health benefits include: guarana, which boosts energy levels and increases vitality, spices, which improve digestion, and liquorice root that gives the tea a lasting sweetness.  So good you won’t even think of adding sugar!

What I think:

The dry tea smells incredibly strong – a very heavily spiced black, with equally heavy sweet scents.  I bought this tea pre-bagged in a set and I’m so glad I did.  The individual tea bags are little fabric pouches that are one part convenient and three parts adorable.

The steeped tea has a very light, almost chamomile-like scent.  The tea steeps to a light, brownish orange.

From the first sip, Sweet Love is incredible.  I can taste a little spice which gives way to the liquorice root’s sweetness, and then the spice comes back and lingers.  It’s really unlike any other tea I’ve tried, it’s incredible how long I can taste the spice after sipping.  A little milk brings out the sweetness even more, and I feel like I’m drinking a fancy 300 calorie drink and not a good-for-you tea.

Adding sugar is in my opinion unnecessary, but I’ll try it anyway… And unnecessary is right. I find that the sugar distracts from the lovely sweetness that’s already there.

This tea might become a new favourite.  A black tea with a natural sweetness and a lingering spice, served best with milk! Seeing as I only started with two teabags of it, it looks like I’ll have to order more!

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