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Hot Cinnamon Herbal

On Saturday afternoon, I went to the Toronto Tea Festival.  I had the pleasure of learning about tea shops in Toronto, and even across the province!  This tea was a gem I discovered at the festival.

The details:

Type: Rooibos

Bought at: Stratford Tea Leaves – Order online HERE

Description: This is a highly popular flavoured tea at the tea bar in Stratford.  It is a blend of three types of fresh cinnamon, orange peel and sweet cloves.  It is remarkably assertive and bold.  It boasts a very complex cup that rewards you with flavourful aroma and a lingering spicy sweet aftertaste.  Enjoy natural fresh sweetness without the sugar.

*NOTE: The Hot Cinnamon tea available online uses a black base, whereas the one I bought at the festival (and am reviewing here) uses a Rooibos base.

What I think:

This dry tea smells incredible.  It’s sweet and very spicy, just like cinnamon hearts!

The tea steeps to a lovely deep orange, and smells just as strong as it did in the bag.  Upon first sip, I think “Valentine’s Day.  This is a Valentine’s Day tea”.  The sweetness hits your tongue first, and I find it very hard to believe that this tea doesn’t have sugar in it.  This is easily the sweetest tea I have ever laid my lips on.  The spiciness of the cinnamon tickles my tongue and lingers in the back of my mouth for a long time.  It is incredibly similar to eating cinnamon hearts, down to every last detail.  My friend and I actually joked that this must just be ground-up cinnamon hearts.

This is such a flavourful, powerful tea and I think the natural sweetness from the Rooibos base is perfect.  I’m not going to add sugar to this as there’s no need!

This tea is easily my new favourite.  It beats all the others by a long shot.  It’s very powerful, very bold, beautifully sweet and tastes exactly like cinnamon hearts.  Did someone say Valentine’s Day?

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