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Luscious Watermelon

Sorry, sorry, sorry for being away for so long.  I went on a bit of an extended vacation, but now I’m back.  And will make up for lost time!

The details:

Type: Herbal

Bought at: David’s Tea

Description: What would summer be without a thick slice of pink and green watermelon in your hand?  Mingling honeydew, strawberry leaves and apple with generous chunks of watermelon, this fruit-packed tea is overflowing with juicy melon flavour.

What I think:

I’m in heaven.  The dry tea has a very, very sweet scent that reminds me of summer.  It actually smells a lot like watermelon gummies!  But similar to Perfect Pear, once steeped the scent becomes very light.  It steeps to a pale yellow, but little pieces sneak through my infuser and end up in my cup.

This tea is yummy!  A little sweet, a little tart, and definitely chock-full of melon.  Personally, I prefer stronger tasting teas.  I added a bit of sugar to see what would happen, and unfortunately it didn’t really work out.  The tea gets far too sweet, and I find the sugar distracts from the flavours in the tea.

When iced, this tea is amazing!  A light and delicious replacement for an iced tea or iced lemonade.

Overall, this tea is pretty good although not quite as strong as I’d hoped, given its incredible dry tea scent.  If you want a very light tea, give this a shot.  I find that it rates very closely to Perfect Pear.  Light and a little tart, appropriate for a hot summer’s day.

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