Sweet Strawberry

Fruity heaven, here I come.

The details:

Type: White

Bought at: David’s Tea

Description: There are hundreds of reasons to love strawberries but our favourite comes from Bavaria.  Every spring, they tie small baskets of strawberries to the horns of their cattle to attract berry-loving elves.  Legend has it, with the elves on your side you’re sure to have an abundant year.  So when you enjoy a pot of this sweet, berry-laced tea, try leaving a cup on your doorstep.  You never know what your neighbourhood elves will leave in return.

What I think:

This dry tea smells incredible.  Super sweet, just like strawberry juice.  Despite having rosehips and strawberries in the mix, the dry tea is very lightweight so you can get a couple of cups out of as little as 15 grams.  The tea steeps to a light pink colour, and is still exceptionally sweet-smelling.

At first sip, I’m a little unimpressed.  It tastes a little tart, a little sweet, but there’s no notable strawberry-like flavour.  The tea is unfortunately bland, so I’ll add sugar to see if it improves the situation… The tea’s still a touch tart, (obviously) a little sweeter, but is still lacking that true strawberry flavour.

This tea smells incredible but unfortunately doesn’t deliver on taste.  It tastes a little watered-down, and even with the addition of sugar, doesn’t taste much like strawberry.

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